Marketing Automation Services for Medical Providers

Marketing Automation Campaign Workflow

This is a typical boilerplate email campaign set up through Marketing Automation, the visual workflow makes it easy to follow, still, there is a lot to set up and you need someone with a “Programmer’s Mentality” who can help you optimize it!

The Consolidated MD team has decades of web marketing experience and for the past 5 years we have been on the forefront of the marketing automation revolution!  Perhaps you do not use any marketing automation tools like Marketo, Mautic, Hub Spot or Brandager right now and want to make your website do more to build quality leads?  If you already use a CRM or Marketing Automation system, we can audit your site and systems and assess ways to improve them and help you better leverage these systems to achieve your business goals — generating more quality leads!

What are your competitors doing with marketing automation that you haven’t “programmed” into your website to give your marketing team better visitor data and more effective conversion rates?

Marketing automation and CRM systems need to work with your website and your office staff to be effective and to be effective requires a programmer’s mentality.  Well, we actually have highly experienced web developers on staff who also understand the marketing and business side of medical websites and many other systems.  This means we bring an efficient and scalable approach to any solutions we may recommend.

Perhaps you currently only use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), like Sugar CRM, Salesforce, or InfusionSoft and you want to explore more automation of your marketing messaging to your current website visitors and customers?  Let us help your practice become self-sufficient with any number of different marketing automation or CRM tools!

We will help you and your marketing team strive to improve your data collection and website automation.  We will even let you know if you’re spending too much on a system and show you ways where we can come up with alternative plans to migrate to other systems that could better fit your business goals, office culture, and digital marketing budget!

Here are just a few of the platforms and systems we have experience integrating with medical practice offices and other businesses throughout the United States!

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Business website, marketing and system audits start at only $1,500, depending on size.  These audits can generate new ideas and solutions to optimize and improve your website and other systems’ abilities to collect, funnel and generate more high-quality leads for your particular medical specialty.  Improving your SEO rankings, organic search results, and your website conversion funnel could mean the difference between converting another person in need of your medical services and losing them to a competitor who has invested more in their website and web presence.  Wouldn’t an increase in quality leads be an investment worth making?

You practice medicine, we take care of the business side.

We always offer free initial consultations!

Take the first step in optimizing your medical practice.  Let us help you manage the business side of things so you can do what you were meant to do -- be a doctor!