New Medical Services Website Landing Page Sample Highlights Consolidated MD’s Digital Marketing Experience

The word is out!  As we have helped so many medical practices grow their businesses and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of using the latest web and marketing technologies.  With our Marketing Automation and general marketing experience, we are now using the proven system we set up for other websites to promote our own services! Just visit our latest digital marketing sample — a simple landing page geared at promoting our highly successful Medical Billing Services.

Simple, clean landing pages with no distractions and clear messaging and CTAs (Calls To Action) are growing in significance as one of the leading tools in getting more patients through your website.

We Want to Show You How Well We Market Ourselves

We’re always improving, learning, split testing, optimizing our website, our content, and every aspect of our marketing.  We analyze and search for patterns, we study trends, and we try to maximize new opportunities as they emerge.  We study data and break things down so we can make better, more informed decisions.  We do a pretty good job of it, but we know we can always do better.

That said, we have over 4 decades of marketing and advertising experience.  We know how to formulate marketing strategies and connect your website and systems in new ways to be more efficient and market more effectively.

We have over 4 decades of marketing and advertising experience, it’s available to you with no long term contracts!

With Web Marketing Automation, We Can Be Part of Your Marketing Team

This is a screenshot of a typical email campaign set up in Mautic, a Marketing Automation platform our Marketing Automation department we call “Brandager” as in “Brand Managers” utilizes, among many other tools

You probably ask a lot from your marketing team, so if they need assistance, we have a lot of experience working with medical practice marketing staffs and even other marketing consultants!  Click here to view our first landing page designed to capture interested medical offices looking to streamline their medical billing.  We are going to share some of our marketing pages to illustrate the effectiveness of high conversion landing pages.  This means we can help YOU transform your website into a lead optimizing marketing platform that will help qualify your website visitors and capture their information.  This will allow you to build your own organic marketing lists through voluntary efforts created through social synergy, content marketing, and lead nurturing campaigns we can help your office design, deploy and execute using your own Marketing Automation system or we will set a Marketing Automation system up for you if your practice is not leveraging this powerful and intuitive technology!

…we can help YOU transform your website into a lead optimizing marketing platform that will help qualify your website visitors and capture their information.

Marketing Tips: Landing Page and Email Go Hand-in-Hand

Notice you should have a single theme that corresponds as close as possible to your landing page.  Whether you are using emails or web ads, everything, including the wording, need to match as closely as possible!  This particular email and landing page is focusing on Medical Practices who are considering using a Medical Billing Contractor.

When building your own email campaigns with landing pages, only focus on ONE THING, don’t try to mention everything you do, this is a quick way to confuse the users so they won’t do anything!

Instead, lead them through the funnel gently and give them information or other useful things they are looking for.  Ask for information gently, but design the content so they’re guided to fill out your form, if they have to search for it or it’s not obvious, they will likely leave without filling anything out.  Make the form as small as possible, only require what’s absolutely necessary to reduce friction and increase the likelihood they will fill at least their name and email out — isn’t that much better than nothing at all?!

Your PPC ads, emails, landing pages, and website all should have a cohesive identity.  Your subject line in emails and web ads should match what it says on the destination page.

People don’t want to feel like they’re being fooled or taken somewhere their click didn’t imply.  That’s a quick way to lose them to a bounce!

This medical billing landing page doubles as content and has been optimized for search engines, too.  Always try to make the most out of your content.  The page is a simple message that focuses on the benefits of the target, in this case, medical professionals like you!

Stress the benefits for the visitor and keep the bullet points simple

Be clear and concise, make the font and colors easy to read like on the landing page:

Here are the 5 top ways Consolidated MD will help medical practices thrive:

  1. Few Denials
  2. Average increased revenue
  3. 98% Collected on contractual claims
  4. Exceptional client/patient service
  5. AAPC coders and auditors on staff

Learn more by clicking here or give us a call to get started with a free initial consultation!

Notice the call to action on the landing page?  On the left side we list the clear benefits, these are the reasons to choose Consolidated MD and on the right is a clean and easy form to fill out.


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