Medical Consulting Services

Are you ready to consolidate your medical consulting services?  Consolidated MD has decades of proven experience and leadership to help your practice succeed and exceed expectations!

New Medical Practice Start Up Services

New Practice Start Up Services

Want to start a new medical practice? Not sure where to start? Need assistance? Consolidated MD’s consultants will work hand in hand with you to achieve your goals of opening a new medical practice.

Our medical consultants can help you with services like:

  • Proforma / Business Plan
  • Location Assistance
  • Credentialing
  • Capital Equipment Negotiations
  • Office Set Up
  • And Much More…

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Practice management consulting assistance

Practice Management Consulting

Staff overwhelmed? Need help with keeping your practice compliant and profitable?  We don’t lecture, we proactively help you find the best solutions to fit your practice.  Practice management consulting is a special medical consulting service that requires proven and trustworthy experienced professionals.  We can help with a strategic plan assessing key areas of your practice and working with you staff to keep you practice running smoothly.  Our practice management consultants can help your practice with services like:

  • Human Resources
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Billing Audits
  • Chart Audits
  • Contract Re-negotiations
  • And Much More…..

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medical consultant with years of knowledge

Medical Practice Consulting Services

Our medical consultants can help address issues in your practice to get processes running smoothly. We can perform services like:

  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Office Training
  • Compliance Programs
  • Transitional Services
  • And Many More…..


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Medical Practice Review

Practice Reviews

Practice reviews are a large part of our medical consulting services.  To put the concept in medical terms, Consolidated MD performs the equivalent of a complete history and physical performed on your practice.  Whether you think you are in wonderful shape or whether you are in significant financial or operational pain, our medical and health care practice management consultants will examine all aspect of your practice and report our findings.

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medical practice valuation

Practice Valuations

There are a number of occasions that require the formal valuation of your medical practice, such as death, divorce, sale of all or part of the practice, disability, etc. There are also a number of occasions in which it is either advisable or desirable to know just what your practice is worth.


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credentialing contract negotiation


Whether you are starting a new practice, bringing on a new physician or NP / PA we can help!

Get through the mounds of paperwork credentialing causes by allowing our professionals to do the work for you!

Our services cover new contracts, additional providers to current contracts, practice relocation and contract review / renegotiation.

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medical office training


Consolidated MD’s medical office training keeps your medical office running efficiently and cost effectively now, and in the future. Our medical office training are accompanied by manuals to back up the individual training. Our medical office training are created for each practice, we understand that not all medical practices operate the same and we develop our training based specifically on your office organization, culture, and other considerations.

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Medical Chart Audits


There are numerous types of audits and many more reasons to have an outside company perform an audit of your practice. From Chart Audits and Billing Audits to ensure you maximizing your reimbursements. To Meaningful Use Audits and HIPAA Compliance Audits to evaluate your practices current status and help you to close any gaps that might not have been addressed.

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workshop and seminars

Seminars and Workshops

Our medical consulting services can help your office overcome certain cultural and operational issues and we can even help you with your office staff.  Consolidated MD’s medical consultants can provide office training,workshops and seminars to better educate your practice. They are designed to educate you office and provide team building to make your practice run smoothly and be up-to-date on many of the new regulation and laws that have been in place.


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