Medical Marketing

Consolidated MD has the combined experience of over 40 years of medical practice marketing on staff, ready to serve you!

Consolidated MD, Inc. is a full-service medical advertising agency that s.  We specialize in marketing for doctors, surgeons, cosmetic dentists, orthodontists and medical practices nationwide.  We invite you to explore the array of medical marketing services we have to offer your practice.  Whether you are a large, multi-location or single office, we have proven programs and the knowledge to set up the right systems and tools for you!

Why Consolidated MD as your medical marketing partner?

Consolidated MD understands that each medical practice is unique.  Unlike Codan or other digital marketing firms, we actually specialize in medical businesses.  You will likely find other talented  marketing firms and advertising agencies, but they likely DO NOT have a full-time staff of medical consultants who know the intricacies of medical practice operations.

This means we understand the inside intricacies of the business of practicing medicine from an expert’s perspective.  Sure, there are other advertising agencies out there who service medical practices, but they also probably develop marketing programs for restaurants, shopping centers, and automotive dealerships.

Since our SOLE FOCUS is on helping medical practices grow and we understand the operational side of managing many different medical practices, we can provide unique insights from our decades of medical practice consulting and medical practice service experience.  This means you get a unique Marketing Strategy Plan developed by experienced experts in building medical practice businesses that is tailored for your practice and your market from a medical perspective.

Let Consolidated MD help you navigate YOUR highly competitive market with recommendations, marketing and advertising that will stay within budget and deliver the ROI you are expecting.  Contact us to learn more how we will drive quality leads and new patients to your door.

Medical Marketing & Advertising

Done properly, healthcare marketing can grow your profits, attract the patients and cases you want, protect and reinforce your reputation, and build your brand.  By hiring us to help your current marketing efforts, we have the experience to work as a team to help you streamline and optimize your marketing efforts.  We have been change agents for many medical practices looking to expand their medical marketing but are unsure where to start.  Remember, our first consultation is always free, there’s never an obligation or high-pressure sales tactics dealing with us.

Our staff at Consolidated MD specializes in results-based medical marketing. We work with hospitals, medical practices, dental practices and more.

Our medical marketing services include:

  1. Healthcare marketing planning and consulting
  2. Medical advertising agency services
  3. Web marketing services, including marketing automation and customer relationship management
  4. Healthcare marketing seminars
  5. Custom medical marketing videos
  6. Creative production services including television, print ads and brochures
  7. Logo and brand identity and design

Healthcare marketing is not a decision that should be taken lightly – after all, this is your reputation we are talking about. Please contact us to learn more and see how we have helped medical practices like yours.

To read our article in the Pinellas County Medical Association, click here.

Video Production

Should doctors be advertising on TV?  Do TV commercials that advertise medical services compromise the integrity of the medical profession?  Does TV advertising for elective procedures actually work?

The answer is this: If your advertising is classy, tasteful, dignified and professional, and at the same time delivers a compelling marketing message and a motivating call to action, then television advertising for medical practices and services can be the most powerful marketing component.

Through our professionally produced TV commercials, we have successfully grown the practices of cosmetic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, bariatric surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedists and orthodontists nationwide.

The Benefits of Television Advertising for Medical Practices

No other media has the reach and multi-sensory impact of video.  Unlike written words or static print, video uses sight, sound, motion and emotion to elicit response and motivate action.  Despite the growing influence of web videos, TV advertising is still the best and most impactful way of broadly reaching prospective patients in your region.  Television exposure provide to vehicle to reinforce the brand of your practice to viewers with maximum retention.

Videos help you differentiate and standout from your competition.  TV ads keep you and the procedures you offer top of mind while establishing a strong and lasting market presence.

In-House Expertise and One-Stop Production

Effective television advertising does not have to be prohibitively expensive. We help you convey confidence, trust, skill and expertise and make a lasting impression on your audience.  We help you communicate the unique aspects of your practice directly and personally and we’ll showcase your surgical results. We offer custom commercial production as well as several choices of customizable TV commercials that have proven to be very effective.

Let Consolidated MD create television commercials for your hospital, healthcare corporation or practice.  Everything we do is based upon our decades of experience working with healthcare clients. We create all formats for TV, from 15-second spots to half-hour infomercials. We also create specialized video projects, for the web, movie theaters, patient information and lobbies.

As your Executive Producer, Consolidated MD will write the script(s), direct the production, hire a videographer, secure the talent and studio facilities if needed, do the editing, provide animation and 3D modelling if applicable, etc.

Beware of amateurs when it comes to TV and radio.  Very few of the marketing people you are likely to come into contact with have much broadcast experience.

Photography Services for Medical

Combined with our video production experience, we also have decades experience taking studio-quality photographs for future use in print and online advertising tailored for your medical practice.  Your practice will benefit from using custom original images tailored for your office that will reflect your values, culture and the kind of medical care you provide.  You will own any photographic content which you can use in any future marketing and web initiatives.

Web Development & System Integration

If you need a new website, you want to optimize your web presence, improve your mobile version, or perhaps connect your website to your office data and systems, we have experts on staff who can help you achieve your goals.

Our focus is to improve your website(s) and systems to maximize your conversions, meaning INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PHONE CALLS and contact form submissions of QUALITY patients in the most efficient and streamlined processes possible.

Prospective patients are searching online in unprecedented numbers. Statistics show that there are now more than 251 million Internet users in North America, with penetration at nearly 75% of the population. If you are not strategically marketing your medical or dental practice on the Internet, you are missing out on the most far-reaching and cost-effective marketing opportunity that has ever existed. If your website isn’t delivering you new business, you are not alone. Sadly, most healthcare websites are dead upon arrival when it comes to getting inquiries or new patients. They are either invisible (no one can find them) or lack the best practices necessary to motivate people to call you.

The culprit? Run-of-the-mill health care websites are usually:

  • Generic templates
  • Put together by graphic artists who strive to make websites “pretty,” but haven’t a clue on how to make them effective.
  • Lacking in focus and clear CTAs (calls to action).

Of course, if you don’t have any website at all, that’s an even bigger problem!

Let Consolidated MD Create Your Next Website

Internet marketing happens to be our favorite area of expertise (chances are YOU originally found us on the Internet), and now we can apply that same expertise to help you get the patients you want. When you work with us, we’ll put together a team to work with you (marketing strategist, writer, artist, SEO expert and account manager). We’ll work with you to come up with your message, content and brand – either over the phone or in person at your offices.

What’s more, we’ll design your website so that it is both marketing-smart and search engine friendly.  Also, while it is usually best to “start over,” we can also revise your current site to make it more effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Top placement in search engines depends on many factors, but most importantly is providing rich and relevant content. Our content-rich medical web sites go a long way toward good search engine positioning. Programmers skilled in the “back end” of search marketing know how to code your site so it shows up in response to keyword searches. Link building is another important element of SEO.  There are lots of other “tricks of the trade” that our SEO professionals leverage for top placement for our clients.  Let our experienced experts help provide you with future-proof tools and let us show your office how many of these processes can be simplified and more automated.

Online Advertising (Pay Per Click Marketing)

Pay Per Click marketing, also known as “PPC” is a very effective marketing strategy for online marketing of elective medical procedures. But success in PPC depends on: strategic keywords and relevant page destinations.

Call us today to see how we can meet your medical marketing needs!  800-933-5190

Web Marketing & Marketing Automation

We have decades of web marketing experience and specialize in marketing automation.  Maybe you don’t use any marketing automation tools like Hub Spot, Mautic, or Brandager right now, or you do, but you’re not sure you’re getting the most out of these systems?

Perhaps you currently only use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), like Salesforce, Sugar CRM, or InfusionSoft and want to explore more automation of your messages to your current customers?  We can help your practice become self-sufficient with any number of different marketing automation or CRM tools.  We’ll even let you know if you’re spending too much on a system and we can come up with alternative plans to migrate to other systems that would better fit your business goals, office culture, and your budget!

Here are just a few of the platforms and systems we have experience integrating with medical practice offices and other businesses!

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Your first consultation is always free, so you have nothing to lose.  Please call us today to schedule a phone or in-person meeting today!