Consolidated MD Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

Consolidated MD has launched its new mobile-friendly website at with the aim of delivering more timely and useful information to prospective medical practices and independent doctors who are looking for a variety of medical business support services.  We have focused on improving the mobile user experience so our website and information can be viewed with improved functionality on tablets and smart phones as well as desktops.

“In the past, we haven’t really focused on our own web and marketing in general,” says co-founder Don Stelmaszek.  “So with the addition of new digital marketing experts to our staff, we wanted our new website to also serve as a portfolio and model of the type of medical website we can design for other doctors and medical groups.”

“We have also added some Marketing Automation strategies to our site.  These will later serve to help us showcase our own understanding of the latest web innovations and better personalize marketing touch points in order to deliver more relevant and focused information to the different types of web visitors.”

“For instance, if we know of a new medical practice in Texas who came to our site and we know they focus on hip and knee replacements, our system will deliver more information about how we have helped other orthopedic surgeons as opposed to another type of medical discipline.  Whether visitors are segmented as cardiologists,  ophthalmologists, or pediatricians, we will begin to build out more intuitive content to improve our messaging focus,” continues Stelmaszek.

We really are “Consolidated”!

Our name says a lot!  “Consolidated MD” provides consolidated physician services for new and established medical practices and medical professionals throughout the United States.  We really are “consolidated” because of the wide range of professional services we provide doctors and doctor groups, providing them access to decades of competent and proven guidance, consultation, setups, and execution of the “business side” of medical practices.  Our services allow more doctors, nurses and other valuable staff members to focus A LOT more on providing the highest level of health care to their patients.  Instead of handling billing and coding matters, business planning and marketing, or integrating systems, they have more time for their patients!

When we help medical professionals focus on doing their jobs, everyone benefits, most especially the patients.

Everyone benefits when medical professionals can spend more of their time, energy and mental focus on providing health care solutions for their patients.  We are proud to say that when we partner with medical offices, we contribute to helping patients receive higher quality health care.  How?  Because doctors, nurses and their support staff members don’t have to deal so much with the business side so they can focus on what they do best — helping patients, healing them, and even saving lives!

We are proud to be a part of the medical community for over 20 years and we are aware of the positive impact we make by partnering with doctors and their medical support teams.  Lessen the burden on you and your staff so you can focus more on providing quality healthcare — we can handle many of the office, business and marketing tasks, and medical website development for you!

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