Infectious Diseases Billing Services

Every infectious diseases practice needs effective and timely billing to maximize their reimbursements.  Having a team of specialized infectious diseases coders and billing specialist gives us the knowledge to ensure your claims will get paid correctly when submitted.  If you are thinking of moving your infectious diseases billing to a new billing company, it is critical that they have the experience to handle the complexities presented by infectious diseases billing and modifiers.  Along with best practice processes, we give you peace of mind that your infectious diseases billing will always be processed correctly.

Due to the level of complexity, infectious diseases billing services have their own series of challenges.  Your billing company must have a deep understanding of infectious diseases services and procedures and need to know the rules for sequencing, specificity and granularity to get each claim paid correctly.

Consolidated MD’s team includes experienced medical billers, medical coders, medical auditors and a complete practice management division. Our team keeps us on the front line with all new changes for you and your infectious diseases practice.

Our Full Service Infectious Diseases Billing Services Include:

    • Dedicated expert infectious diseases billing specialist
    • Government and Commercial Insurance Billing
    • Review of Daily Charges for Proper Coding
    • Initial Electronic Scrubbing of Claims
    • Electronic and Paper Submission of Claims
    • Secondary Clearinghouse Scrubbing
    • Timely A/R Follow Up
    • A/R Recovery
    • Patient Statements
    • Patient Billing Calls
    • Unpaid Claims and Patient Balance Follow Up
    • Payments and Adjustments Posting
    • Adjudication
    • Appeals
    • Custom Monthly Reports

Leverage Consolidated MD’s Decades of Experience

Having AAPC certified coders and auditors with years of experience working with infectious diseases practices gives you access to the deep knowledge that will ensure we process your claims correctly and in a timely manner.  This help reduce denials and appeals and can help protect you in the case of an audit.

Our services are not out-sourced, nor do we have any team members who work remotely.  We take your HIPAA compliance very seriously and continually monitor activities to keep your information safe.

We also provide continuing education above and beyond governing standards, giving you the peace of mind that you have made the right choice.


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